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Want to Excel as a Scrum Master? Be Like Batman

Comparing Scrum Master, a regular person, with Batman, a fictitious character, seems odd at first glance. Point to be noted that Batman did not gain power by encountering radioactive elements. His love for the city of Gotham made the police department rely on him. In this article at Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn discusses how you must be like Batman to excel as a Scrum Master.

How to Evolve as a Scrum Master (or Batman)

A Scrum Master is supposed to streamline ways to make the team complete deliverables on time. For that, you must possess skills that would help you facilitate activities. Following are the 5 skills of Batman that you must imbibe to become a model Scrum Master:

Be Modest: Just like Batman, a Scrum Master must not work only to get rewarded. In fact, you should have an ever-growing learning trajectory like him throughout your career. Your willingness to learn new things will inspire the team in return.

Be the Protector: Batman has protected Gotham from various evils—Joker, Riddler, and Penguin, etc. Drawing from that example, understand how you can protect the team.

No Alien Powers: Unlike others, Batman never had any superpowers except for his will to do something for Gotham. It is through the actions he gained prominence and police relied on him to come out of several tricky spots. So, earn your respect by your proactive actions that help the team rather than demanding or reminding them of your position.

Never Say Never: Batman is calm and positive in every situation, even if a saw is advancing towards him to cut him into two halves. Keep your calm and stay positive even when the team has given up. It is your confidence and composed personality that would sail the team through tight deadlines.

Be Ethically Sound: No matter how evil the villain is, Batman never lets anyone die. Following that principle, no matter how frustrated you are with a team member’s performance, encourage the individual to do better.

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