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Handle Daily Scrum Naysayers by Answering 4 Concerns

For a successful daily scrum routine, it must be done regularly. However, some of your team members might think of it as a waste of time. Mike Cohn in his article at Mountain Goat Software explains how to handle 4 concerns of people that resent daily scrum meetings.

Tackling the Scrum Resistance

People are pressed to finish their work within deadlines. Any kind of deviations or distractions can reduce their work hours. So, having a regular meeting that seems purposeless can be frustrating. Following are the 4 concerns of daily scrum naysayers that you should handle with care:

Teams Communicate Even Outside Meetings: It is true that teams coordinate to get things done but not all get the chance to speak always. Daily scrum allows that space for everyone.

Nothing New Comes Up Every Day: This concern is also true that every day you do not have breaking news. While some days you will have no issues to discuss, other days these scrum meetings will save the day. This accusation can be valid if a team member indulges in talking longer resulting in extended meetings. It also can be boring if the teams working on completely different product lines. Tweak your meetings to address valid issues before all go against the idea of a daily standup.

Why Can Everyone Email Their Work Statuses? Burdened with work, team members might feel that emails are a perfect way to update their work status. The problem is, people do not read or respond to emails immediately. A delayed response for a critical issue can hamper projects severely. Slack can be a good alternative to in-person meetings but may not be as effective.

Long Meeting Duration: Generally, daily scrum should not be more than 15 minutes. If it is longer than that, find ways to cut back the extra minutes. Otherwise, ask the daily scrum absentees if they could come up with a solution.

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