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Major Disparity between Backlog & Kanban

Teamwork and precision are utmost essential to try and implement any kind of agile methodology in an organization. Building an agile team is impossible without the involvement of top to bottom employees.

In this article at Thinking Portfolio, the author explains that be it Kanban or scrum boards or backlogs, or even a combination of two—Kanplan, team integration with the program is vital.

Kanban Vs. Backlog

In an ideal Kanban board, a separate column has been created to maintaining backlogs’ record along with a separate to-do list. Even though the difference between the two is substantial, project managers and executives do not comprehend the difference entirely.

The backlog is a prioritized list of tasks that should be done but remain pending due to various reasons. This list covers top priority tasks in the beginning while the bottom line includes tasks and issues that may not impact the project if they get ignored. The backlog of a department in an organization includes yet to achieve KPIs along with all the unfinished tasks and projects.

The Kanban board reflects activities of the entire team whereas the backlog of the whole team would be higher than a small group or individual.

Kanban To-Do List

Ideally, a to-do list is the reminder of tasks in hand to be done immediately. The primary reason for including these tasks on the list is to attain the desired objective with high quality and efficacy. To include something from the backlog in the to-do list requires ample clarity on the subject, backed by enough data and experience to support the decision.

It is vital for the task managers to ensure all the activities listed in the to-do list should have the shortest lifecycle so that the productivity will increase.

The backlog is just a part of the Kanban board, designed to offer agile working solutions to improve productivity. It helps in prioritizing and cataloging various tasks left undone as per their priority and importance. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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