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Scrum Values Are Agile Building Blocks: Know How

Ever wondered how only scrum values are included in the Agile Manifesto? Scrum provides guidance to product teams like no other product development framework. In his blog article, Luís Gonçalves explains how scrum values are the building blocks of Agile.

Building with Scrum Values

With scrum values, an agile team knows how to work, perform, decide, plan, and implement tasks. Initially created for IT, Scrum Guide is now popular in several industries. Following are the scrum values that have become Agile’s building blocks:

Committed to High Quality: This is the first of the scrum values and does not generally mean delivering work within time and budget. The agile team is committing to deliver products that are of high quality. The delivery should be within a reasonable time frame and irrespective of the issues they face. They must achieve the goals set for every sprint and prioritize high-value backlog items. The product that they develop must, in the end, be at par with client expectations. Promising to deliver to the best, teammates must scale their problem-solving skills, trust, and standards on the go.

Courage to Be Honest: Mistakes in the project roadmap can make things problematic for the agile team. Scrum values include courage as it requires strength to admit mistakes as well as point them out to a senior. To be courageous means to maintain transparency, be accountable, and be ready to update backlogs as per client change requests. You also need courage to traverse a road that nobody has taken so far. However, team members should give constructive feedback to encourage early alerts of mistakes or issues.

Focus on the End Goal: Irrespective of all the change requests, mistakes, risks, and issues, agile teams should be focussed on their end goal. With all the capabilities and inefficiencies present in the team, they must produce high-quality products always. This is one of the scrum values which requires them to collaborate closely. The teammates must conclude on the task prioritization. They should have a ready mindset to accept changes and incorporate those along with their current backlogs.

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