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To Make Your Team Agile, Avoid These 4 Development Issues Early

Agile is becoming popular but people that are leveraging the methodology still have a traditional mindset. This is the reason you still see that product teams keep the growth stack for the latter part of the lifecycle. In this article at Mixpanel, Charlie Windschill describes how to avoid 4 development issues early to make your team agile.

Understanding Agile Growth

API’s are making integration easier, so your team needs to iterate frequently. The earlier you invest in in the growth stack, the faster the team adapts to new tools. There will be roadblocks while scaling, of course, but that would make the growth journey exciting. Below are the common development issues:

Delayed Change in Architecture: When you decide to launch an app late, developers get less time to develop the product. They will have to resort to shortcuts which means bypassing major tasks that can later hamper progress. Build your growth stack gradually and deliberately throughout the lifecycle to avoid resources stretching their work hours to complete within the deadline.

Plan More Important Than Use Cases: When there is no communication among product, marketing, and data management teams, the events become more important than use cases. Identify relevant use cases to arrange an agile strategy around the growth stack instead of keeping a tab on all.

Derailed Data Integrity: When you want to implement a growth stack at one go, data integration becomes a major issue. The QA team is forced to check everything together each iteration instead of in incremental steps. Looming deadlines will prevent the agile team to cleanse the raw data properly. Nowadays, you get customer data from various devices and platforms. Analyzing this huge amount of data allows you to create a personalized experience for each user. For this to happen seamlessly, implementation of each tool and proper data analysis are required.

Disarrayed Tools: Several tools are used to optimize agile benefits but those should be implemented together to have a successful product lunch. Give your team access to a full-blown integration growth stack to meet the support demands of customers.

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