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4 Trends in Agile Methodology You Must Watch Out for

Agile methodology has been around for a while now. More companies are willing to embrace it for its numerous beneficial aspects. Renee Troughton recently attended the Agile Alliance Conference at Washington DC. In this article at Agile Forest, she compiles the 4 top trends in Agile methodology that you must watch out for:

Agile Trends to Look Out for

She learned about new concepts in the 2019 conference regarding the Agile methodology. Below are the 4 trends that you must watch out for in the coming years:

A Shift Towards the Softer Side of Agile: Instead of talking about the various techniques of Agile methodology, experts emphasized more on values. Paying more attention to the ‘softer side of agile’ seems to be the norm nowadays. Instead of focusing on processes, best practices, and tools, empower people to incorporate value, principles, and mindset fit for the framework.

Being More Accountable: To reap the benefits of the Agile methodology, team members must know their responsibilities and be accountable for them. The organization also are supportive of the self-organization tips that Agile coaches prescribe to the agile development teams.

More Emphasis on Capability and Skill Building: The conference talks regarding the agile adoption have matured from its elementary phase. The attention is more on the continuous growth of the Agile methodology and its successful adoption. Also, the growth is no longer limited to the training and coaching of product owners and scrum masters.

Transparency in Communication: For successful adoption of the methodology, experts insist that you have clear communication with the team. This reduces misinterpretation and misrepresentation of requirements and the resultant project failure.

The Trends That Remain Unchanged:

  • Automated testing and DevOps still are the focal points of technical exercises.
  • People remain confused about the integration of business agility in day-to-day processes.

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