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Defect Management: An Agile Approach to Prioritizing Bug Fix

Prioritizing bug fixes was always challenging but agile has made it even tougher to decide if the bugs need to be fixed now or later. However, the positive aspect of agile is that developers rarely need to fix bugs. In case they find bugs, it is because of the development phase that happened before the agile adoption.

In this article at Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn talks about ways to prioritize defects by fixing them with the right approach.

What To Do?

Instead of wasting time in finding and fixing defects by discussing its possible causes, complexity, occurrence, etc., start experimenting with an easy approach. Here is a list of approaches to fix defects:

Prioritization by Policy

Instead of searching a new bug individually, the defect policies help in finding and fixing bugs much faster. One way is to immediately fix any bug affecting all users in the current sprint. While the other is logging the bug found in extremely rare cases and fixing it later, whenever time allows. There is one more way of fixing the bug—by end of the day, week or never.

To define the bug-fixing policies, find out the likelihood of the defect and how terribly it would impact the entire process. The complexity and likelihood of the defect will either affect online traffic or the function keys.

Merits of Prioritization by Policy

The foremost advantage of this approach is that it reduces the time spent on finding a solution to fix the bug. Even though it takes some initial effort to create the right policy but once formulated, prioritizing each defect becomes easier. Even though someone needs to find out how frequently the problem is likely to occur, yet it saves the time of consulting the team and extended discussions over it.

Since agile helps in taking quick and calculative decisions, the author stresses over taking defect policy approach to organize the bug finding process. View the original article on the following link:

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