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How Much Do You Know About Scrum Project Management?

An agile framework to manage software development is termed as ‘scrum’. In scrum project management, progress leads through a series of sprints that are timeboxed within a month.

In this article at PM Times, Lev Barbalat defines how scrum is essential but equally risky for the project management. He shared his personal experience of adopting the agile approach for a project with the help of a case study.

Learn with a Case Study

The author recounts about a project where his team was expected to deliver a customized product to a big client within three months. With a short deadline to deliver a huge piece of work when half of the development team was based in different office was challenging. Cooperation from the development team was essential for timely product delivery. Therefore, they decided to adopt the scrum methodology, but partially. Implementation of full scrum methodology was avoided due to two reasons:

  • Even though many team members were acquainted with agile, but no one practiced it before. It means full implementation could be time-consuming and risky.
  • Implementing all steps of scrum required utmost commitment from each team member. So, they decided to take the management’s commitment first, and extend it to the team members later.

The Crucial Sprints

Firstly, the sprints were divided as per the functionality within the desired timeframe. This included a clear sprint plan to the team as per the estimation given by the development manager. The team could not modify the sprint scope, but the project and development managers could make amendments, if needed. Each sprint gave them clarity over project estimates, length, and scope.

The author further explained the reason for not extending the roles of scrum master and product owner in the sprint as the project manager was supposed to play both the roles. This approach was not ideal, but it allowed efficient decision making.

Collaboration and transparency within the team makes the project successful. Click on the following link to read the case study in length:

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