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Master the Art of Becoming a Great Scrum Master

A remarkable scrum master is both a leader and a facilitator. To become a leading scrum master, all you need to do is balance the theoretical knowledge and people management skills.

In this article at Information Week, John Edwards explains that the scrum methodology is used by development teams to self-organize and make rapid transformations in harmony with agile principles, embraced by a range of organizations.

Scrum Master: A Demanding Role

The scrum masters are those individuals who encourage and manage the exchange of information while delivering projects within the desired time and budget. Yet, acquiring the required knowledge and skill to achieve the demanding traits of a scrum master can be challenging. Here is a list of essential nitty-gritty to observe as you aim to become the top scrum master of IT industry:

  • Ready to Roll? One of the main responsibilities of a scrum master’s role is to ensure if the team understands scrum theory, practices, rules, and values. This understanding will help the scrum master maximize the value created by their teams. A great scrum master also facilitates projects in a way that the team delivers high performance.
  • Certifications Required? Many organizations offer scrum master certification programs to their leaders. The most common certification is Certified Scrum Master (CSM) that usually requires a two-day training class and subsequent test. To become a top-notch, experience and exposure to the industry are far more valuable than the certification, which may add as a bonus point.
  • Career Opportunity: Many universities have scrum and agile practices in their course curriculum yet to fulfill growing market demand, enough lucrative opportunities await the new scrum masters. The skill and experience a scrum master will acquire will remain in demand always, especially in the technology industry.

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