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The Crucial Role of C-Suite in Organizational Agility

The C-Suite executives of any organization are armed with the superpower to shape culture, influence procurement decisions, remodel workforce, and generate revenue. This power block also encourages them to play an integral part in organizational agility.

In this article at Forbes, Steve Denning explains that the C-suites usually do not pay heed to general transformation initiatives taken by the organization. However, with the fast-escalating market complexity, organizational agility demands active engagement of the C-suite executives.

Business Agility Progress

According to a recent Deloitte study, over 90 percent of senior executives give prime importance to agility. In fact, as per the McKinsey findings, the big organizations implementing agile can manage finance better than those who do not. Still, successful implementation of business agility is slow paced that means less than 10 percent are organizations are highly agile.

Agile Headway Allied to Leadership

Leadership is identified as the top challenge for business agility execution. A recent Business Agility Institute (BAI) report exemplifies that higher the level of leadership, the better the progress towards organizational agility. However, it is hard to digest the fact that leadership gap in agile implementation may turn into failure of the organization in delivering value to the customers.

Evidently, the organizations who have mastered agile management practices have become the fastest growing and most valuable organizations in the world. For instance, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. All these organizations have embraced agility and gained extraordinary results in business growth.

The author suggests that working with an agile coach can teach C-Suite executives what is expected from their leadership roles and what they can expect from their organization’s transition to agile. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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