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Why Scrum Teams Need a Millennial Mentality to Succeed

Millennial employees are becoming a major driving force for companies worldwide. In fact, they are more eager to embrace new technologies than their older counterparts. In this article at DZone, John Gillespie explains why scrum teams need a millennial mentality to succeed.

Embracing the Millennial Thought Process

Baby Boomers and Gen X employees are largely unhappy with millennials. However, agile and scrum require a flexible mindset and that is amply present in the Gen Y workers. Below are the reasons why the rest of the scrum teams should think like a millennial to succeed:

Challenging the Current Setup: Millennial workers are known to challenge the existing corporate setup, unlike their predecessors. Agile requires a challenging mindset for new breakthroughs. Scrum teams too should imbibe this questioning mentality.

Being Open to New Ideas: Experience resists older employees from accepting new policies and technologies. However, things are changing. The millennial generation is less opinionated and is ready to listen to new ideas. Scrum teams must be as flexible as Gen Y to cater to the changing market demands.

Accepting Feedback Readily: Scrum teams require each of their team members to be accountable for their actions. It becomes tough for managers to provide feedback when the teammates are not ready to receive constructive criticism. Since the millennial workers are eager to develop their skills, they gladly accept feedback. If older team members receive feedback as readily as the Gen Y workers, the overall team performance will rapidly improve.

Ready to Solve Problems: Businesses are rigged with problems nowadays and employees must be ready to solve them. Being the children of the internet, the Gen Y employees constantly search for better solutions. Scrum teams should develop this curiosity to learn continuously and produce better deliverables.

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