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For Perfect Code Reviews, Follow These Principles

Code reviews guide software developers to identify bugs, errors, etc. Sometimes, even the right code changes for a sudden request. In this article at ITNEXT, Jesús Darío discusses some principles that can make you perfect code reviews.

Perfecting Code Reviews

Everything needs guidelines, and so do code reviews. Below are the steps you must follow:

Create Conditions: It is essential to define and agree on some clauses before performing code reviews. Set down the rules based on which you will approve or reject code.

Do Not Review the Syntax Errors: Let linters, like SwiftLint, Eslint, PyLint, RuboCop, etc., find out syntax errors for you. Knowing several languages can make you overlook coding language differences.

Overrule Code Style: Ensure you are coding in the same language. If not, allow Google Java Format, SwiftFormat, Prettier, etc. to do the heavy formatting for you.

Run Scripts Continuously: It is much easier to run scripts nowadays. Also, keep multiple versions of them. GitLab,, CircleCI, Travis, Bitrise, BuddyBuild,, and are handy during code reviews.

You Can Rely on Typed Languages: Incompatible parameters, functions, etc. will not run, so there is no fear of including the wrong coding language.

Comment Only When Needed: The developer will accept your code reviews if you point errors in performance. Do not comment on readability.

Leave Comments: Be clear why you have rejected the code. Write comments so that the next reviewer does not waste time working on the same issues.

Do Not Get Fidgety About Small Things: Remember that those small changes require the developers to make further changes down the line. If you can prevent those small changes, so be it.

The Contributor:

  • Ensure you have the PR description ready to identify user stories that understand software changes.
  • Make the shortest pull requests.

Improve Your Code Quality:

  • Be responsible for the code you write and compare your performance with other developers.
  • Allow PRs to be smaller in size.
  • Recognize the reviewers.

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