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From Approach to Strategy, Broaden Your Agile Scope

Executing agile development in small ventures is easy. But, in big firms, execution becomes challenging as the adoption of an agile mindset requires a strategic approach. Thus, the intervention of senior executives is essential as they have possessed the vision for broader planning.

In this article at CIO, Surya Panditi explains that agile enterprise adoption is a sensible move that requires multiple layers of transformation and usage of new tools.

Surpassing Hurdles

Agile implementation at the enterprise level needs a lot of effort and broader planning. It requires tools to measure growth, transparency, and visibility across the working groups. 

According to a research report of New Zealand’s Eastern Institute of Technology, IT firms aiming for agile transformation have encountered resistance to change among people. Lack of user availability, personnel with agile experience, upfront planning, and inadequate seniors’ support are prime reasons for peoples’ apathy.

Small to Large Transition

Additional planning and coordination are required to scale up the agile transformation. But what is the purpose of agile execution if it requires further planning? The dynamics of small groups do not easily interpret across multiple teams or big teams.

Also, to achieve transformational and sustainable outcomes, extend agility beyond IT, project management, and support teams. All these require additional planning and coordination across business units.

The senior executives must understand that incorporating agility in a few areas will not benefit the company. But the strategic approach to implementing it across the entire organization will work. Even though there are countless barriers to be crossed and multiple plans to be made, but once executed right, nothing works better than agile development. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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