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How Can Leadership & Agile Go Hand-in-Hand?

The top leaders in an organization have immense pressure of meeting deadlines without escalating budget. Shifting focus towards agile at the same time is tougher. The constant pressure sometimes turns into a controlling mindset for the leaders and forces them to push teams.

In this article at Forbes, Dr. Sam Swapn Sinha explains how agile development teams and leaders can bring stability without initiating a ‘tug of war’ situation.

Tone Down the Struggle

By decoding the ground realities faced by the agile development teams, the leaders can control the situation. True leaders are open to learn and adapt agility while building consensus. Big firms like Microsoft, Spotify, SAP, and SalesForce all are reaping profits due to the successful implementation of agile transformation.

Some exceptional leaders, who are born with extraordinary leadership skills, stand out as the epitome of the ‘transformational leadership’ model. Agile development also suggests an approach of ‘servant leadership,’ in which the leaders act as a servant to support their teams.

Successful tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon have implemented the agile approach of servant leadership and are reaping its outstanding returns.

Need for Agile Mindset

In agile development, from project needs, technology to customer needs, everything keeps changing. To pull off the emerging and evolving product needs, adapting agile is pivotal. Thus, maximize customer interaction and conduct more surveys to take user’s feedback.

Instead of implementing agile, the leaders must become agile and acquire the mindset from top-level management. If a team member knows more than the leader, let him take the lead to agile development. To suffice the fast-changing product design needs, it is essential to change the way employees are engaged in an organization. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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