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Educate Agile Teams to Manage Their Relationships Well

The reason agile teams achieve success is because of their relationships. However, some find it hard to explain how essential relationship management is. In this article at ClearlyAgile, Jamie Leatherman shares how you can educate agile teams to manage their relationships.


The author usually breaks the ice by alerting his teams in a fun way. He gets some eye rolls and frowns, but they are ready to tackle the emotional rollercoaster. Here are four ways you can make the agile teams learn about relationship management on the floor:

Be the Role Model: If you practice what you are preaching, the agile teams will get inspiration. Avoid painting higher leadership in a bad light. The team members will think talking behind seniors’ back is typical. Please encourage them to confront and resolve conflicts face-to-face.

Bond Outside Office Hours: The teams are busy working on assignments at work. The coffee breaks happen only with people they mostly share work with. Getting your team out for lunch can help them know others, too. They can freely express their thoughts and participate in shared interests.

Encourage Confrontation: There is no way a confrontation gives satisfactory results in general. However, agile teams should know how to confront each other amicably. Strong relationships within the agile teams can prevent people from feeling offended or getting defensive. Also, talking behind someone’s back impacts the group dynamic.

Improve Teams Skills: When productivity is not uniform among teams, it can cause friction and partisanship. The high performers might feel they are pulling all the weight. You can encourage the struggling team members to work on themselves. Align their interests with your team goals. Encourage them to take online classes or pair them up with an understanding teammate.

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