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Product Owners, Follow 4 Steps to Make Daily Scrum Effective

Agile teams perform daily scrum meetings to increase ownership in the group. It also improves the potential of achieving product scope. In his blog article, Roman Pichler discusses four steps to make your daily scrum effective.

Daily Scrum Steps

The daily scrum is flawed at times, and product owners need to upgrade their team management capabilities. Here are the four steps to make daily scrum effective:

Discover the Purpose: The team has a sprint goal. To meet that, they regularly conduct scrum meetings. Team members discuss their work status, challenges, and revelations. They also explain what they completed the previous day and what they are doing next. Since the meeting is happening every day, limit the time to just 15 minutes. The best time for the assembly is morning before everyone starts working.

Your Attendance Is Imminent: As a product owner, your attendance in the meetings is necessary. If not every day, go for the meeting at least twice a week. You will learn if the team needs more clarification regarding the product requirements. According to their work progress, you can refine or modify the product backlog items. Give your solutions after they have all raised their concerns and given you updates.

Serve the Team: Let the team decide and divide the tasks among themselves. It is not your job to manage the team, criticize any team member, or assign anyone tasks. If you think the team needs to buckle up, be honest about your feedback. Express your concern regarding issues that you consider the team has. The teammates will appreciate your transparency.

Don’t Control the Scrum Master: Scrum masters ensure that the daily scrum meetings take place every day. If the team is moving away from its goals, instead of criticizing upfront, check with the Scrum Master. You do not need to take up the role when there is already a professional responsible for the team. If there is none, realize the role’s importance and hire relevant candidates.

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