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3 Crucial DevOp Challenges That Need Quick Fix

DevOps teams are composed of cross-functional members that work in collaboration with diverse departments to deliver maximum speed, functionality, and innovation.

In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Daniel Viveiros explains the hindrances faced by DevOps in developing and delivering software.

Technical Benefits of DevOps

Uninterrupted software delivery, minimum complexity to administer, and quicker resolution to the emerging problems are some of the advantages of DevOps practices. However, some critical issues are continuously causing troubles for DevOp teams and are challenging to address. Let’s fix them:

  • Collaborative Leadership: There has been a significant change in the way leaders engage and collaborate with the teams. However, DevOps practice may not rely on one person’s idea and mindset. Thus, collaboration becomes pivotal to resolve emerging problems. Now is the time for the leaders to get a vision, encourage teams, and create a sound environment for idea sharing, collaboration, and critical issue resolution.
  • Sound Strategy: Automation in DevOps practices promotes speed, reliability, and consistency that is necessary for software development. A lucrative product strategy entails more than new features. So, the DevOp teams must be familiar with their target consumers and competitive landscape to design a compelling product. To do so, a comprehensive strategy is essential.
  • Weak Design & Development: An effective DevOps strategy shapes a practical design application. The efficiency of a DevOp team depends on the technology stack and critical components of software application. However, expecting DevOp practices to resolve weak designs or to fix a poorly managed development process is impractical. The DevOps team is accountable for producing new features and stability.

It is essential to gather data and keep a close watch over the team’s performance at every stage to achieve success with DevOps. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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