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Have You Signed Up for These 2020 DevOps Conferences Yet?

DevOps conferences provide new insights for the future applications of DevOps. Furthermore, working professionals can network with like-minded people and experts and gain valuable insights. In this article at Hackernoon, Pavan Belagatti shares ten 2020 DevOps conferences that are happening this year.

2020 DevOps Conferences

Apart from networking, these DevOps conferences might also create new opportunities for business leaders as well as job seekers. Below is a list of 2020 DevOps conferences you want to go to:

JFrog’s swampUP 2020, Fairmont Hotel, San Jose (22nd to 24th June): The meeting will not only hold talks but also conduct training sessions to wrap your head around new DevOps concepts.

QCon London, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London (2nd to 4th of March): You will meet senior architects and software engineers that divulge the modern development practices.

DevOps Talks Conference, Melbourne (18th to 20th March): Find out how to implement DevOps best practices, Advanced Architecture, and tools. Discuss the transformation in strategies and workplace culture.

DevOpsCon, New York (28th September to 1st October): It is one of the most anticipated 2020 DevOps conferences. If you have doubts regarding microservices, automation, and Kubernetes, attend it without fail.

Devon Summit, Westkanaaldijk 7, 3542 DA Utrecht (2nd April): Experts will focus on digital transformation, emerging technologies, and case studies to inspire developers.

DevOps 2020, Helsinki (21st to 23rd April): It is one of the 2020 DevOps conferences that is going to shape DevOps for the next decade. Stay prepared by attending its workshops on cloud computing, data, and security.

Continuous LifeCycle, QEII Centre, London (13th to 15th May): The top experts will take you through DevOps concepts, containers, continuous delivery, cloud-based developments, actual analogies, and tools and technologies. Along with that, you will get to network with them during workshops.

GOTO conference, Oslo (3rd to 5th March) to Copenhagen (9th to 13th November): It is one of the unique 2020 DevOps conferences because you get to attend it while cruising on a ship. Spend two days each way from Oslo to Copenhagen when the best minds clarify key DevOps concepts and skills.

DevOps Enterprise Summit, London (23rd to 25th June): The conferences will be sparkling with industry experts from technical, scientific, and architectural backgrounds. Learn their preferred tools, best practices, and insights to be future market leaders.

DevOops, Moscow (29th to 30th April) St. Petersburg (7th to 8th October): Gather all your DevOps problems and bare it all to the leaders here. Solving your problem is the primary purpose of this conference.

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