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How Agile is the Concept of ‘Role Flexibility’?

Role flexibility is the culture of multiple roles performed by each individual in the team. The team members are responsible for proving their flexibility and time management.

In this article at Forbes, Tracy Brower defines the significance of role flexibility for agile organizations. However, the concept does not allow employers to force their staff to perform multiple jobs at the price of one.

Multiple Opportunities

Agile mindset manifests a never-ending desire for development among its adherents. Undertaking various tasks is more thrilling than performing tedious tasks daily. It brings job satisfaction and innovation among team members. So, here are six considerations to keep in mind while suggesting employees to play multiple roles:

  • Be reasonable with your requirements from the people to perform different parts. Your needs should not exceed the limitation of their pay to fulfill the requirement.
  • Be specific about the purpose of multi-tasking performed by the selected team members. It also clearly defines the employee’s contribution to the company growth and connects to the customer.
  • Sometimes people performing multiple roles become limited to their task lists. But if they understand the significance of other team member’s work, playing multiple roles become fluid. They become confident in taking decisions on accomplishing priority tasks while empowering others with their knowledge and skills.
  • Maintaining coherence in the work divided among the team members. Also, ensure that people from similar work attributes are combined in one group to perform their set of responsibilities.
  • Work on maintaining a healthy team environment for which you must establish a culture of evolved leadership. Each individual must respect the viewpoints of the other people contributing to team performance.

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