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Is Bad Code Giving You Nightmares? Steps to Avoid It

You worked throughout the night, and then the final testing detects bad code. Even after following several coding standards and best practices. In this article at DZone, Justin Albano shares steps to reduce bad code.

Stepping Stones to Lower Bad Code

Bad code should not have been there in the first place. Here are the steps to reduce poor coding and countless nightmares:

Focus While Writing Code

You cannot blame a tool for your wrong code. So, make it legible for other human coders. Let it be like a book that features ‘variable names, method names, class names, conditional statements’. Format them in sentences, paragraphs, and chapters like a physical book. You can avoid bad code by making it simple enough for a new coder to decipher meanings. Or, just stop using customized variable names and complicated coding structures.

Make Coding an Art

People from non-IT backgrounds find coding tedious and complicated because we do not think of it as an art form. Have standards and principles that can prevent you from writing the wrong code. For instance, a stylized cover letter with bulleted presentation points is better than a scribbled hand note.

Modify Your Style

High-performing developers implement feedback and upskill faster than others. When you meet other developers, discuss and find out better ways to prevent bad code days. Irrespective of your seniority, never stop learning new languages, tools, and stacks.

Use Tools That Will Automate the Process

If you want to try new things, you cannot get stuck with mundane things. So, automate wherever possible. Find a suitable tool that can fast-track the process without too many human interventions.

Find Patterns

Tools are an effective way to track bugs and their recurring patterns. Automation will alert as well as predict their occurrence so that you can rectify such anomalies beforehand.

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