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Learn Daily Stand-Up Etiquettes to Deliver Results

In a corporate setup, a daily stand-up or scrum meeting is the status update for the job done yesterday and tasks to accomplish today, in less than 15 minutes.

In this article at TechBeacon, Kym Gilhooly defines the purpose of daily stand-ups to adopt an agile mindset and meet the basic needs of the team.

What’s the Need?

The daily stand-ups are significant as they turn each team member accountable, steadfast, and punctual to maintain consistency. Its ultimate object is to remain progressive while keeping everyone updated about the ongoing process.

Avoid Mistakes

To maintain consistency in work, the team members must review their process to address the issues together. So, here is what the team members should not do in daily stand-ups:

  • Late arrival or regular delays are not acceptable in daily stand-ups. So, respect time allocated for the stand-up meetings and make it a practical approach to contribute to the team’s progress.
  • Do not allow sitting in the daily stand-up. The meeting should be concise yet productive. If the team members sit, they will become complacent and ignorant about the time they can use in bringing positive outcomes.
  • Never attend a stand-up call unprepared. Always be ready to answer yesterday’s accomplishment, today’s goal, and any issue blocking your way or not.
  • Do not ignore issues faced by teammates. Try to offer solutions for each problem discussed in the daily stand-up. To do so, you need constant learning and flexibility.
  • It is equally unfair to state the same task list or work that you did a couple of days back. Always be agile and share new learnings, knowledge, or findings in the stand-up meetings.

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