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Achieving Project Success Using Hybrid Agile Methodologies

Combining the agile project management methodologies with traditional ones can impact the way projects are managed and planned. The hybrid approach is proven to increase the results while helping organizations deliver customer requirements and meet organizational strategic imperatives. However, a cultural shift within the organization is essential to attain success.

In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Andrew Parker explains how the combination of the traditional Waterfall approach and agile helps drive the rapid deployment of outputs and increased customer collaboration.

Why Should You Consider Hybrid Approach For Your Business

Everything About Hybrid Approach

A hybrid approach starts by taking the best of the traditional Waterfall approach and combines them with the best of agile methods. Under the hybrid approach, you must document and define the overall scope of the project. Set a project deadline before creating a high-level project plan. The project plan must accommodate many elements of certainty (training, marketing, and manufacturing) and uncertainty (product development). Further, agile manages these project plan uncertainties by defining the goal and unexpected outcomes.

Incorporating the best of both project management methodologies will undoubtedly help organizations to manage risks better by dealing with uncertainties effectively and improve results for longer projects.

Opportunities Offered by Hybrid Methods

“Agile is a set of ingredients, not a complete recipe. Using agile doesn’t mean you can’t use Waterfall or other methods,” says Andrew. The ultimate goal of an organization is to deliver customer requirements. A hybrid approach is highly effective in managing projects. Therefore, organizations must prepare for changes in adapting to a hybrid way of doing things rather than treating agile as a religion.

Adopting this hybrid approach will undoubtedly increase an organization’s project success, positively impact the customers, assists in achieving defined goals, and helps in improved process visibility. To learn more about the hybrid approach, click on

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