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How Does Agile Add Value to The Final Output?

Clients will undoubtedly have a set of expectations from you when they sign your team for completing a project for them. According to project management professionals, the definition of a successful project is one that is not only completed within budget and on time, but one that also delivers expected benefits.

Understanding the right methods of managing your clients and projects is an ongoing process. It is here that agile plays a vital role. Agile project management is more flexible when compared to traditional project management methods. In this article at TechnologyAdvice, Pavel BukenGolts highlights some important benefits of using Agile project management software for client work.

Agile Project Management Software for Client Work

Helps in Seeing the Project Progress in Real-Time

Tools like Gantt charts and Kanban boards act as mediums of visualization. With methodologies like Kanban, it becomes easier for clients, managers, and team members to identify bottlenecks through visual progress tools.

Furthermore, agile project management software helps you witness the entire project laid out in the form of individual tasks. It provides the users with complete details on assignees, deadlines, division of responsibilities at various stages to bring transparency to all the stakeholders. The agile tools save a lot of time wasted in communicating progress reports and task status to the stakeholders.

Helps Clients Provide Instant Feedback

Constant feedback plays a vital role in improvising the project as per clients’ needs before the final output is approved. This is especially important during software development lifecycles and designing processes. So, how does agile project management software assists? The agile tools save teams from the chaotic methods of implementing suggestions that are received through email threads and going through the feedback process. With agile project management tools, team members and clients can use Markup and Annotation tools to share feedback.

Aids in Streamlining Communication

Communication plays a significant role in the success of a project. The discussion tool in agile allows team members to discuss their project-related insights and ideas. Other features in agile project management software that facilitates communication are task mentions, comments, and one-to-one chat. Team members can have task-related discussions by mentioning each other without having to share the context over an email.

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