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Project Managers, Apply Cascade Approach for New Strategies

Rolling out a new strategy is a challenge that entails precision, direction, and team support. Communication plays a substantial role in explaining your strategy to the team.

In this article at Strategy+Business, Elizabeth Doty suggests that sharing details of a new strategy with the team using a cascade approach may not bring desired outcomes. The approach pressurizes the leaders and may cause delays.

What’s the Right Solution?

The cascade approach is similar to a waterfall methodology that often leaves the team clueless about the action required to execute the new strategy. The team needs a bespoke method to act upon the initiated plan. Clarity of roles and responsibilities among team members makes the execution smooth.

Try the Chartering Approach

The leaders must embrace a cascading approach, which is an agile mindset to share, communicate, and execute new ideas for practical decision-making. Here are four crucial elements of chartering conversation to make a difference:

  • Initiate an open discussion with the team members to help them understand the purpose and motivation behind the new strategy. Welcome their ideas and opinions. Let them do the SWOT analysis and share their perspective to make a perfect plan.
  • Seek commitment from the team members to present how essential they are for the organization. To execute a new strategy, you need inside-out commitment that translates into a seamless execution of your plan.
  • Track comprehensive metrics, identify dependencies. Empower each individual in the team to find a way to make their contribution accountable.
  • The chartering approach can bring both focus and agile transformation by identifying the best way to start, stop, or resume. Nonetheless, keeping the charter flexible and forthright is critical for the team to relate to it.

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