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3 Elements Technology Marketers Must Embrace to Become Agile

The sales and marketing teams suffer the most due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. They are redesigning strategies to deal with the situation.

In this article at Forbes, Mirko Holzer explains that marketers must plan fast to deal with the unforeseen circumstances in the future course of action. Be agile and transform the way you have been dealing with the situations usually.

What Does That Mean?

It means to unleash your ability to learn what works best for you. To learn fast, be open to failure. Upgrade your marketing plans and release them across the organization to maintain transparency and coordination between the team members. Here is a list of crucial elements technology marketers must use to embrace agility:

Real-Time Budgeting

The marketers must focus on activities that can improve the pipeline. They should be executing significant initiatives to strengthen the stalled process. To do so, the marketers must have visibility to make a quick shift in the budget.

Streamline with Common Sharepoint

Do not waste productive hours or days in discussing strategies over virtual meetings. Use a reliable marketing technology (martech) platform to streamline projects with remote staff, stakeholders, and agencies. The platform should act as a single point of contact to share directions. It can even automate the workflow and reduce the time required to manage campaigns.

Maintain Consistency

An agile martech system may prove beneficial in maintaining harmony between the product marketing teams across all virtual locations. The chances are high that you might have to reallocate resources to less affected and better positioned brands. Only a sound technology platform can help you implement such ideas.

Agility can turn any uncertain situation into a huge success. So, take a plunge and use reliable platforms to maintain transparency with the teams. Organizations using the best martech platform can have a smooth sailing. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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