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4 Steps to Create an Agile Organization in This Digital Era

The digital age has opened opportunities for organizations to encourage flexible working and subsequently allowed employees to become agile. To support the changing office environment, organizations must use advanced procedures, equipment, and training to cope up with sudden changes in the overall market conditions. In this article at DZone, Saurabh Soni explains some easy ways to create an agile organization that will help in achieving business success.

Tips to Become an Agile Organization in Digital Age

Tell Your Employees Why Business Agility Matters

Lack of support from management and co-workers is one of the most daunting experiences agile leaders face. This lack of support stems from a lack of understanding of why business agility is essential. Often, employees are resistant to change. Therefore, provide them with a clear outline – detailing the importance of the business agility approach – to gain their support.

Embrace Change

Studies have revealed that only 40% of executives believe that they have the right skills to manage project changes in the future. 60% of professionals do not feel equipped to deal with changes. “As digital proceeds to have a huge effect on the companies’ strategy and connect with customers, proficient techniques are arriving at the lead as important for an organization’s talent magazine,” says Saurabh.

Invest in Technological Advancement

It takes an immense amount of time and money to replace your existing infrastructure. However, you can start small. Identify the bottlenecks in your operations. Think of how you can use new generation technologies to eliminate those bottlenecks. Leverage business intelligence and data analytics to help you advance your business agility.

Fast Decision-Making and Resource Allocation

Fast decision-making defines the agile approach. Revise your workflow and eliminate policies and procedures that stand in the way of ensuring fast decision making. Additionally, assess the cost needed to propel your decisions, whenever necessary.

Agility will not happen on its own. Organizations must take control and keep a keen eye on the digital landscape to understand what expertise it needs in the future. To read more, click on

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