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Agile Approach to Overcome COVID-19 Crises

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus has not only crippled the economy, but it has pushed the businesses to the edge. In such situations of financial insecurities, a robust strategy is necessary to keep up your productivity.

In this article at Forbes, Kison Patel explains that open communication and a flexible work approach can help your staff accept the unforeseen circumstances.

Switch to Agility

Agile principles promote collaboration, improve productivity, and facilitate seamless communication. One of the fundamental agile principles entails constant improvement. Executing agility helps employees embrace uncertainty and gives them the freedom to unleash creativity at the same time.

Respond to Change

Amid the ongoing global lockdown, the ability to respond swiftly while delivering quality outcomes is difficult. Agile methodology can make the transition swift and easy. Clear communication is important to become agile. Since the majority of the staff is working from home or remote locations, easy interaction is vital to boost productivity.

Fostering Collaboration

In the current situation with scattered teams and limited resources, the ability to collaborate is invaluable. Just by conducting daily stand-ups or digital scrum meetings, you can maintain the stability of work. Here are some smart initiatives to make you agile:

  • Embrace change and remain open to originality without relying on monotonous activities. It is essential to accept the current situation and avert panic attacks.
  • Form a collaborative work environment and conduct weekly progress initiatives to help teams improve productivity. Let employees form strategies to improve their ongoing tasks, upcoming assignments, and future endeavors. Block some hours to address existing obstructions affecting progress.
  • Infuse integrity and transparency among employees to overcome difficult situations. Though a rigid process in times of instability may not allow substantial growth, it will surely encourage the workforce to get going. Teamwork is all about connecting with team members to tackle the hurdles together and maintaining harmony.

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