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Debunking Agile Marketing Myths to Reap Benefits

Do you wish to pivot your marketing tactics, or you want inside-out visibility on the ongoing initiatives? How about finding the loose end to fix the current havoc first?

If either of the doubts is blocking your way, then you are on the verge of turning agile. So, bust the myths and proceed forward. In this article at eMarketer, Cameron Van Orman uncovers the common myths that surround agile marketing and helps you embrace agility.

Separate Fact from Fiction

Agile marketing entails an adaptive mindset that is way too diverse from the traditional, rigid marketing plans. So, instead of initiating big campaigns, intricate novelty guides, or extensive plans, be adaptive to experiments. Your ability to rapidly change gears works best to employ agile marketing.

Understand the Reality

The irony is get real and bust the myths to take advantage of agile marketing. Here is what you must know:

  • Agile does not regulate a team’s location. Team members can maintain transparency and work stability by conducting regular virtual meetings. Consistency comes from sharing common goals, a collaborative mindset, and a passion to deliver high-quality outcomes. Sharing the same workspace does not guarantee precision.
  • Self-organized teams lack connection is another myth. Regular checkpoints, team presentations, and metric reviews are some of the best ways that enable executives to assess their team’s growth. Self-organization and independent decision-making help an agile team to judge and improve its work. It helps them get their act together, adjust plans, and keep moving in the right direction.
  • Agile marketing being similar to agile development is also a myth. Agile is not versatile enough to allow two teams to work in the same direction. The development teams can follow the Scrum methodology but cannot imitate agile marketing practices.

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