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Do You Know How to Manage a Remote Agile Team?

With many tech companies functioning across the globe, remote teams are everywhere. However, working with remote teams come with several challenges. To ensure success, companies must follow some of the best practices for managing remote agile teams. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Issac Sacolic discusses how agile teams must adjust to a new way of work and shares the best practices for remote agile teams.

Best Practices for Remote Agile Teams

Clearly Define the Product Roadmap

Defining the scope of work clearly will help managers to plan the modular workload in different time zones/different countries. Further, map out the product roadmap to achieve the product vision. The roadmap provides the agile team members with an idea of how a project is taking shape and how to make changes depending on the feedback and other external factors.

Collaboration Must Be Encouraged

Remote agile team members must know one another. Collaboration is the only way that helps in bridging gaps between cultures, time zones, and offices. Online team get-togethers and video conferences are a great way of cultivating a strongly embedded team culture.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Encourage knowledge sharing among your team members. Teams must share knowledge beyond what pertains to that day’s work. For instance, if a team member anticipates something they are working on may impact the next day’s work, it must be shared. Sharing these meaningful and forward-looking insights into their work will help in achieving project success while working remotely.

No communication strategy or electronic tools can replace the perseverance of leaders. Leaders must believe agile can work for remote, distributed teams. If they do, it will. To learn more about other best practices, click on

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