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How to Build a High-Functioning Agile Team?

Do you want to build an amazing agile team? Remember, there is no easy path for building a top-notch agile team. However, achieving genuine agile is possible only if companies commit themselves to organizational stability. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Elaine Pulakos and Robert B Kaiser share some best practices that leaders must use to build a robust agile team with a stable foundation.

3 Practical Tips for Building an Agile Team

Keep Your Focus on Results

Focus more on the outcomes rather than being obsessive over procedures and processes. “Leaders must be disciplined in identifying their top priorities and then communicating them to their teams, almost to the point of over-communicating,” explain authors. Emphasizing on the results help team members feel empowered to solve problems, develop innovation, and make decisions.

Normalize Failure

The pace and flexibility of an agile team make failures inevitable. However, mature organizations often view failures as intrinsically bad. Teach your team members to embrace risk and learning experiences that often arise from failures. Acknowledge team members for taking a risk during staff meetings. Make risk and learning opportunities a common language throughout the organization.

Communicate Appropriately

Share concrete and positive information – about the financial health of the organizations, plans to protect employees and their job security, and detailed strategies to survive the economic downturn. These messages will have certainly have a stabilizing effect and help in removing doubts and dispel fear among your team members. Besides, you don’t have to solve every practical or emotional problem of your team members. Just listening to your co-workers will make a difference.

In addition to these tips, other add-ons can help your team work like a dream. To read the full article, click on

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