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Is Agile Certification Applicable for You?

Agile is a new buzzword in project management. With the boom in IT and engineering, the demand for agile professionals has increased vastly. If you want to take your IT career to the next level, then agile certifications will help you step in the right direction. In this article at Insights Dice, Nathan Eddy provides an overview of agile certification, its importance, and prerequisites to get the agile certification. Let’s get started.

Importance of Agile Certification

There is an increase in demand for professionals who are agile certified as more and more organizations are adopting agile in their work culture. Getting certified in agile helps you build your credibility when you are in the job market. Some of the benefits of attaining agile certifications include better salary, higher team involvement, better reliability, an increase in productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and high-quality products. Agile certifications demonstrate that you are ready to tackle even the most complicated projects.

Top Agile Certifications

Agile Scrum Foundation

This course testifies your understanding of agile methodologies and scrum framework. The exam tests your knowledge of core concepts and their application. The course is especially useful for those professionals who work in areas including software development, business management, and IT service management.

Certified Scrum Master

This involves a two or three-day training class from a certified scrum trainer. The training offers detailed knowledge of the scrum framework used in agile management. Besides, it enables practitioners to learn scrum implementation. Advanced certifications are available for scrum masters alongside the basic certifications for product developers and owners.

SAFe Agilist

This course is for software developers who are interested in learning more about transformational skills that allow them to succeed in a disruptive technology environment. Further, the course provides detailed information about lean-agile leadership principles that allow for smoother organization transformation.

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