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Lean and Agile Mindset: A Game-Changing Way to Reorganize Work

The agile methodology emerged as a revolutionary change across the IT industry in 2005. Nonetheless, the real adoption began four years later when the approach proved feasible to overcome constant work challenges.

In this article at, Outi Vaattanen explains that adopting agile and lean mindset is not about transforming the route of work. The principle underlines a collaborative work culture that is adaptable and independent.

A Learning Regime

To adopt the mindset, openness to learn and execute is paramount. Learning is a community-driven initiative that requires a goal to chase. Your coaches or managers can extend support by offering new ways to learn and share. However, being the participant, only you can decide what you wish to learn and volunteer to share.

Your objective should be to overcome vulnerabilities and develop specific skills. Gradually, you can share the same learning exercise with other departments and make it a great learning curve.

The 3 E’s

The next step should be towards strengthening the learning culture with an improved mindset and intensive coaching program. The three E’s stands for enabling, empowering, and emotional. It aims to form a culture that promotes constant transformation while allowing the workforce to discover its real potential.

The objective should be to accelerate clear thinking and enhance the creativity of the staff. Mindfulness exercises are the ideal ways to reduce stress and improve focus on attaining goals. Of course, collaboration is vital to gain success in agile methodology.

According to Google, psychological well-being is critical to boosting your team’s productivity. So, initiate mindfulness practices and develop a robust work environment, which is healthy and positive. By organizing self-empathy training sessions, you can assist your staff in enhancing their emotional strength. It will gradually reflect in their productivity. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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