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Unleash the Superpowers of Agility by Becoming a Part of It

Superheroes are known for their superpowers or ability to increase human efficiency. In the digital transformation, agile methodology acts like a superhero that can make you super powerful.

In this article at Gartner, Meghan Rimol explains that agile practitioners strive to improve their skills and superpowers with agile practices. It promotes creativity, collaboration, and transparency.

Be an Agile Superhero

Follow these critical traits if you are ready to go on a rescue operation wearing an agile cape, and transform into a superhero:

Turn into a Change Agent

The potential superheroes must undertake the role of a change agent and act responsibly to redeem and advocate the transformations. They can set examples by influencing people to adopt an agile mindset and share fresh ideas proactively.

Take Bold Steps

The agile superheroes must showcase their ability to counter siloed and self-righteous thinking. By communicating with their teams openly and exercising humility, they can display courage. It helps them gain the trust of their team members that hesitate to share problems. Inspire your team to take risks and accept failure as a new learning.

Practice Agile Values

Agile methodology promotes collaborative team culture, independent decision-making, and responsibility for the outcome. However, teams can succeed only when they share common values like focus, courage, honesty, commitment, and respect. Encourage your team to assess and uphold these values tight.

Be a Lean Expert

To become an agile superhero, you must have a clear understanding of lean thinking. Gather experience in implementing the other agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban. Also, hone skills while focusing on sustainable development. Support your team by nurturing their expertise and proficiency in basic agile disciplines.

Seamless Speaker

As a project manager, you have to collaborate with developers, testers, stakeholders, and clients. By practicing secure communication and interpersonal skills, you can efficiently work with stakeholders.

Problem Solver

The superheroes take the responsibility to resolve an issue by analyzing the situation. So, take charge of the existing complications and find ways to overcome the challenges. Continuous efforts can help you improve your problem-solving skills.

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