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How to Effectively Run a Sprint Planning Meeting?

To address the need for agility, many enterprises have adopted agile scrum or other approaches. However, implementing an agile frame in today’s organizations is not easy. So, what is the biggest roadblock in running a sprint planning meeting effectively? The outdated tools and techniques that no longer adequately support the distributed development teams are one of the barriers.

In this article at Hackernoon, the author shares some tips on running an efficient sprint planning meeting.  Are you ready to learn the secrets?

Sprint Planning Meeting Preparation

Backlog Refinement

Before the sprint planning commences, the agile project managers must ensure that the product backlog is healthy. An updated backlog sets the stage for a sprint planning meeting. Backlog refinement must include:

  • Removing the completed projects
  • Redefining the remaining projects
  • Reviewing the estimated time required for each remaining project

Without these prep work, the sprint planning meeting becomes time-consuming and less efficient.

Examine Team Members’ Availability

Take a look at the calendar for everyone’s availability. Check if any holidays are coming up? Make a note of how much time people will be available for during the next sprint.

Measure the velocity

Velocity is the amount of work a team (or a team member) can tackle during a single sprint,” says the author. Well, this is unique to every team. Understand the average amount of work your team can handle while planning the sprint.

Assess Your Capacity

If your team is working on multiple projects, be sure to consider that when planning out the sprint.

The sprint planning meeting seems overwhelming for all project managers. But with enough preparation, the team can handle any sprint together. Running a sprint planning meeting to check if you have a backlog of work is an integral part of an agile team that builds a product.

If you are curious to know more about making the sprint planning meeting even better, then click on

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