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Is Disciplined Agile For Your Organization?

Many software development practices, especially test management, are now adopting agile methodologies. There are many approaches to making agile a success in an organization. Disciplined agile delivery (DAD) is one such way. In this article at TDAN, Scott Ambler explains what agile discipline framework involves and how it can benefit those that choose to leverage it.

Why Should You Adopt Disciplined Agile?

For a highly experienced agile team, disciplined agile provides much-needed flexibility. Here are some reasons why you should adopt disciplined agile.

Puts People First

Many legacy methods put tools and processes ahead of the individuals who use them. However, disciplined agile establishes people as the primary determinant for the organization’s success. The disciplined agile promotes collaboration and cross-functional teams with guidance to improve their effectiveness. This means employees must be self-disciplined, self-aware, and self-organized The people-focused approach of disciplined agile will also help employees continually enhance the quality of their projects.

Addresses a Full Delivery Lifecycle

Numerous agile approaches emphasize the construction-focused approach, but this can impact the project negatively in the later stages. The DAD framework promotes the idea that disciplined agile teams should not work in an isolated manner but must be self-organizing with appropriate governance to guide them to higher levels of success.

Takes a Hybrid Approach

The DAD approach takes strategies from multiple sources, including extreme programming, Scrum, and many others. This hybrid approach makes DAD valuable for those who want to combine different methods. DAD shows how to initiate a project, construct a solution, and further deploy to the production.

Helps You Optimize the Workflow

“Scrum focuses on collaboration and management strategies but not technical ones, the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) portion of the DA toolkit considers all aspects of solution/product development from beginning to end,” says Scott. The disciplined agile includes management, collaboration, testing, coding, governance, architecture, design, and many more considerations in a coherent manner.

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