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Trillion-Dollar Companies Use ‘This’ Methodology to Attain Success

In today’s digital world, technology continues to evolve rapidly, and business needs are changing at a pace never seen before. Many companies that follow traditional methodologies for project execution either fail or finish late and cross the set budget. To fix this problem, companies are moving to an agile method of doing things. In this article at Forbes, Steve Denning explains how agile built trillion-dollar companies.

How Does Agile Improve Company Culture?

Customer-First Thinking

The agile approach helps companies to look for ways to improve their product continually. Further, the approach will assist the companies in creating the best product possible for their target market. In fact, agile teams focus on delivering value to the customers as swiftly as possible.


Agile welcomes for constant change. Even projects close to completion accept and adapt to changes. Agile facilitates teams to complete projects in an iterative manner, where a product is created, then discussed, and improved upon. Agile is, therefore, a flexible project management framework. However, the process will breakdown, and teams fail to go down the agile path if they do not respond to change.

Agile Teams are More Cohesive

The agile methodology encourages face-to-face communication regularly for all team members. Team members do not merely report to the project managers, but they openly discuss the project progress. This makes agile teams more cohesive.

Boosts Team Morale through Collaboration

In traditional methodology, team members rarely speak, exchange ideas, and provide input to their project manager. On the contrary, agile is profoundly a collaborative project management methodology. Teams are collaborative, provides feedback on every facet of the project, regardless of the designation a team member holds. Agile methodology helps team members feel connected to work, feel ownership of the product, and more involved with the success of other team members.

If you are looking to improve your processes like those trillion-dollar company, consider leveraging agile project management principles. To learn more, click on

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