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With DoD Matrix, You Can Optimize Sprint Productivity

DoD matrix helps plan your sprint well. Several teams are adopting Agile to produce quality deliverables within the deadline. They work in iterations that can last two weeks or a month, depending on the requests and complexity of the project scope. Scrum teams call these iterations as Sprints. Teams decide what they must achieve in each sprint, i.e., the definition of done. In this article at, Slava Moskalenko shares how a DoD matrix can optimize sprint productivity.

Making It Right with DoD Matrix

People mistake the Definition of Done for the high-level user requirements or product backlog items in the product backlog. The difference is that the DoD details have more specifications like best practices, tools, procedures, expectations, and collaboration. To make your sprint go according to the plan, consider items from both product backlog and DoD lists. The catch is that the majority of the teams do not work on the DoD task list down to the last detail. Here are ways you can address the issue and make the DoD matrix work well for your sprint plans:

Get It Done

Shape the DoD matrix for your Scrum team as given below:

  • Place all the product backlog items vertically in a visible display chart like a Kanban board.
  • Keep all the items from the Definition of Done list horizontally.
  • The junction of the DoD and Product Backlog items should have tasks for your next sprint.
  • Set the deadline for the tasks so that you can complete within a day.
  • Remember not to add more tasks than you have resources to work for.

If You Are Doing It Online

For an online sprint planning call, prepare the DoD Matrix on virtual platforms so that the teams can collaborate. Calculate the capacity by the formula below:

(No. of days x No. of people) – Day-off

Leave the meeting for five minutes so that the team can put together items on the DoD Matrix. Clarify any initial doubts when you return. Give the team members an hour to complete the matrix. Guide them should they need more time.

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