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Agile Remote Teams: Route to Growth in a Pandemic

Gone are the days when employees used to work in a tedious office setup and would work for long hours. A virtually connected digital workforce can blur the common roadblocks and promote team collaboration in unprecedented ways. Digitally upgraded employees are efficient in retaining beneficial business relationships.

Accelerated Agile Capabilities

Since the pandemic has forced a large portion of workers to work from remote locations, agility has become popular lately. Agile teams lean on independent decision-making, rather than waiting for the team leaders to take charge. All the IT leaders that have been ignoring the agile methodology must follow these tips to maintain their team’s performance:

Communicating Your Plans

Planning and communication are critical to lead the team in the right direction. A clear plan shared in your everyday business language would help your staff chase common goals better. To reflect leadership in your staff’s performance, integrate a perfect plan. Break the shackles of communication and work with the team.

Upholding Team Interaction

To collaborate with a remote workforce, the usage of the right communication channels is essential. Daily stand-ups and meetings are part of a project manager’s daily KRA. To bridge the communication gap while working from distributed locations, use advanced communication tools. Facilitate seamless interactions to maintain work hygiene and consistency.

Using Virtual Scrum Board

In an agile development process, the scrum board plays a significant role in saving you from missing deadlines. The virtual tools help keep remote teams on the same page.

Utilizing Online Whiteboards

The whiteboards are helpful in mapping project plans, sprints, and critical tasks. Amid the global pandemic, many remote managers are using digital whiteboarding templates for Zoom conferences. Try them out while connecting with your team during virtual meetings.

Ensuring Agile Workspace for All

To deliver the same productivity from remote locations, offer highly secured, fast internet access to your staff. Virtual private networks and multi-factor authentication are a global corporate need. Maintain open communication with your employees to ensure they are not facing any problems meeting their daily goals.

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