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How to Transform into an Agile Organization?

Is your enterprise embracing the agile way of working with the existing organizational structure? Is it creating a lot of frustration? Are you not sure how to design the organization? Well, in this article at TechTarget, David Carty provides some invaluable tips that will help you in the agile transformation journey. Let’s understand how to build an effective agile organization.

What Matters the Most in an Agile Organization?

Strong Leadership

Successful agile transformation needs strong leadership from the top. Adopting an agile operating model will alleviate challenges in the organization, such as problematic interfaces, slow decision-making, or unclear accountabilities. Leaders must engage in multidirectional communication and complex collaboration with customers, colleagues, and partners to eliminate the pain points.

Create a Blueprint

Aligning your organizational structures to value stream (a collection of activities that will support how workflow happens within your organization) will help you thrive and have a seamless end-to-end process from generating ideas to delivery. Further, this will reduce dependencies on other areas. The value stream will also help you see the time spent in actual work.

Map Your Customer Journey

Mapping your customer journey helps in adding customer-centricity to your agile structure. This will help you understand the issues that customers face and assist you in crafting a better experience.

The Strategy-Minded Managers

Managers must take advantage of the agile processes to focus more on mission-critical initiatives. “Any agile initiative should follow the sequence of ‘test, learn, and scale.’ People at the top levels must accept new ideas, which will drive others to accept them as well,” explains David.

Being adaptive, accepting feedback, and running experiments are the ways you can transform into an agile organization. If you can create an agile organization that increases in capability, resilience or speed to market as a result of these experiments, you will succeed in creating an organization that will thrive in the highly competitive industry. To read the original article, click on

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