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Leverage Advanced Technology to Achieve Agile Goals

Agile principles not only transform an organization, but they can also influence employees’ mindset. In this article at InformationWeek, Sam Goodner explains how sales, marketing, HR, and other departments are leveraging agile methodology. It facilitates collaboration, competition, productivity, and adaptability among people.

Agility: A New Digital Goal

The global pandemic has encouraged the adoption and implementation of the agile framework. People working from remote locations are adapting and accelerating agile methodologies with advanced technologies. To execute digital tools and become agile at the same time, organizations must practice these principles:

Strategic Implementation of Technology 

Technology is significant for you to achieve your strategic business goals. So, assign the task to a dedicated individual that knows how to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. Often, the job is performed by business leaders or CIOs.

Embracing Disruptive Technologies

Adoption of advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT has become a vital need for businesses. To survive in the volatile market competition, you must explore innovative technologies.

Switching to Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is crucial to coordinate and collaborate with your remote workforce. Moreover, exchanging highly confidential data requires a secure online setup. Access to digital information would accelerate the decision-making process.

Accessing Information Easily

Agile organizations promote standardization and easy access to information. With the help of cloud computing, you can ascertain seamless exchange of information within teams. 

Using Technical Language

Enterprises must regulate their communication channels to facilitate seamless interactions between teams. Using common jargons and technical terms, processes, formats, or digital tools to bridge the communication gap among remote employees.

Swiftly Moving to the Cloud

The usage of various IT tools and systems can create confusion among team members. The majority of the workforce have been working from virtual locations in the pandemic. By ensuring a common forum to exchange data, employees can maintain work quality.

Data Visibility 

Amid the economic crisis, information is changing by hours. Remain upbeat by getting visibility over fast-emerging market trends. Empower your staff to make the best decisions by offering them real-time knowledge.

Prolonged Technology 

Invest in software technologies that are significant in the future. Automatic updates can reduce unnecessary involvement of IT experts. So, invest in intuitive tools.

Steadfast Security Measures

Cybersecurity threat are a constant concern amid the global pandemic. Your staff may fall for malicious emails or phishing attacks. By ensuring a robust security infrastructure, you can save the real company asset—business data. 

Agile Advancement

Apply the agile mindset to the whole organization, not just in the IT division. It enables teams to adapt to transformation at any stage of the project lifecycle.

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