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What Does a Business Analyst Do in an Agile World?

People doubt the role of a business analyst in an agile environment. Mostly because the Scrum Guide features only three functions—team, product owner, and scrum master. It also does not include solution architects, testers, QA teams, deployment managers, UI designers, and document writers. These roles are essential in an agile product development lifecycle. In this article at Agile Connection, Frank Hamilton shares what a business analyst role can be like in an agile world.

Business Analyst in an Agile Environment

Another catch regarding a business analyst role is that you do not work based on sprints. Meanwhile, the rest of the cross-functional teams are working in iterations to develop an agile product. How do you fit in the group then? As a business analyst, you have three key responsibilities:

Bridging the Communication Gap

As a business analyst, you must coordinate between managers and developers. There can be several hierarchies and teams involved in the development process. It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Help the product owner convert business requirements into user stories and prioritize tasks.

Developing the Product Layout

Creating a watertight product roadmap is necessary for the team to achieve success. The onus is on you to provide the right direction. The roadmap should enable the teammates to achieve business goals through their technical workflow. Allow them to create a schedule based on the analysis of the projects. The roadmap should provide enough buffer for the team to test their working models at regular intervals.

Enabling Team to Deliver on Time

As a business analyst, help the team to produce quality products on time and within budget. Managers, team members, and end-users should know what the end goal is. Create a visual chart to help the team have better visibility.

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