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7 Considerations for Product Stakeholder Management

Product stakeholder management is challenging but essential for effective product development. Otherwise, your product would be tangled between various conflicting demands. So, you must nurture your stakeholders to agree on the product roadmap. In his blog article, Roman Pichler shares seven tips for product stakeholder management.

Easing into Product Stakeholder Management

Here are the seven ways for successful product stakeholder management:

Convince Them to Believe in Your Vision

Some product people do whatever the stakeholders wish with the product while some force their opinion on them. If you fulfill all stakeholder wishes, the final product would be a mixture of features that end-users do not even like. If you have it your way, the stakeholders might not want to offer their opinions or support your future products. So, make them your valued advisers. Listen to their ideas and issues. Create a trusting relationship with them.

Engage with the Top Brass

For effective product stakeholder management, prioritize those that have stakes in the product development. They can be your end-users, customers, or people from departments like marketing, sales, customer support, and finance. If you are confused, use Ackermann and Eden stakeholder analysis power grid to discover who matters.

Infuse Trust in Them

Since you are the product manager, you cannot order or demand from the stakeholders. The only way to get things done in this situation is to build a good rapport with them. Understand their concerns, listen actively to their views, and talk to them with respect. While including them in the product decision-making process, expand your management skills too.

Create a Forum

Form a community of stakeholders to have a stable product stakeholder management process. Instead of having individual one-on-ones with people, have a group where all can participate. Define roles, expectations, and goals. Collaborate to discuss ideas and solve challenges together.

Keep Them Engaged Consistently

Even if you have not started with the product, invite them to a workshop to build up the rapport. Having such off-the-chart quarterly meetings allows you to build a rock-solid product plan and roadmap. Ask them to attend sprint review meetings once a month to know where the product stands at the moment.

Involve in Product Decision-Making

You might have a fantastic product. However, without the support of your stakeholders, it would not see the light of day. If you make decide the features and sell them to the stakeholders, the process would be lengthy with too many to and fro meetings. For smart product stakeholder management, include them from the beginning to get their valuable expertise and save time.

Emphasize on Accountability

Once stakeholders sign an agreement and take up responsibilities, convince them not to back out. Narrate to them your expectations and how it works for the team. If someone fails to meet those goals, sit down, and discuss the roadblocks.

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