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Agile IT Procurement in the Post-Crisis Phase

Information technology has served as a catalyst for the procurement process for years. To evolve from a transactional function to a highly strategic digital division requires mass shifting. In this article at CIO, Aaron Polikaitis and Martha Rounds explain that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to accommodate new IT procurement requests. A swift risk assessment to accelerate negotiations has become a priority. So, would an agile procurement process in the post-pandemic phase.

Changing IT Landscape

Realizing the difficulty in the conventional procurement cycle, organizations have developed enterprise resource planning (ERP) specifications. It helped them include a request for a proposal (RFP) only to find that the technology landscape and capabilities have changed. The sudden outbreak of the global pandemic has pushed them a year behind.

When technology is transforming every minute in the fast-emerging competition, a slow-progressing procurement leads to endless vulnerabilities. Thus, conducting an agile IT procurement becomes a necessity to accomplish the desired set of business objectives.

Get Going with Agile

According to the NIGP: Institute for Public Procurement, agile procurement is an approach that drives flexibility, adaptability, collaboration, and results-oriented transformation. Fundamental cultural shifts become necessary to execute a successful supply using agile.

If agility is new to your organization, considerable time and external expertise are critical to understanding how it works. You can reach out to the agile firms in the industry to acquire knowledge about implementing agile IT procurement. Leverage the skills and expertise to execute the development of the new process. Align sourcing organizations with critical business transformation needs and integrate strategic sourcing practices to your present work culture.

Try experimenting with a few small pilot projects where agile procurement may work. Shortlist those that have a short delivery period as well as aid in digital transformation. Execute the lessons learned from the pilot projects to initiate a formal execution. Once succeeded, you can carefully utilize the experience to implement agile procurement across other significant projects. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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