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Agility in a Crisis: A Vital Leadership Insight

Being an IT leader, you must have adjusted and adapted your strategies often to deal with stressful situations. However, the global pandemic is way more challenging than all the other problems you have faced before. To deal with this fast-evolving crisis, getting a real-time perspective is crucial. In this article at Forbes, Alisa Cohn explains the significance of agility for the IT leaders. It is critical to be adaptive to new styles and situations while finding ways to coach your team. Quoting opinion of a famous author Jeffrey Hull, Cohn clarifies that the global epidemic demands hyper agility.

Tenets of Agile Leadership

According to Hull, hyper agility would help you identify your real strengths and turn them into a catalyst to build advanced capabilities. Accelerate your efficiencies to adapt to the forthcoming phase of the pandemic.

In his book, “Flex: The Art and Science of Leadership in a Changing World,” Hull shares leadership case studies. The book demonstrates how flexibility and behavioral change bring unexpected developments for leaders. Seek your team’s opinion often, ask more open-ended questions, and develop the patience to listen to their answers. Form a more collaborative work culture that allows your team to hone and nurture their strengths and talents.

Glorified Precision

Perfection is not the absolute virtue of a great leader. Meanwhile, being imperfect as a leader turns out to be favorable because it encourages employee engagement. The current scenario demands a leader to be empathetic, curious, and accessible to the team. Rather than becoming an expert, focus on being articulate. If you share your ideas and concerns with the team, your team will automatically turn towards you to share their views. The economic crisis encourages you to pump your agility muscles and navigate your venture in the right direction.

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