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Agility in the Digital Age: New Perspective, Fresh Take

The world of business was moving ahead swiftly until the global pandemic brought everything to a halt. Customers prefer brands with digital platforms because they want to be mobile. Indeed, the pace of change is accelerating, so if you stop transforming, the world will leave you behind. In this article at Diginomica, David Williams explains that to meet the growing customer demands, adopt agile market trends. Be wary of the ongoing trends and strategize unique ways to satisfy customers’ needs.

The Digital Storm

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has encouraged the usage of digital communication tools. Those that were counting on online services are now investing in digital tools to communicate with their foreign counterparts. Being digital is no more just an experience but a brand now.

The Etsy Case Study

Etsy is a global online marketplace that has over 2.8 million sellers and 50 million buyers. The outbreak of the COVID-19 become an opportunity to increase sales overnight. The company saw unforeseen growth due to an influx of face mask orders. Thousands of entrepreneurs are efficient of addressing market demand of face masks. Even consumers can buy them from multiple sources. They still chose to maintain social distance and order it online.

Agile Customer Engagement

To fulfill customers expectation, Etsy uses digital tools and gets better operational visibility. It helps the staff address real-time problems like discrepancies in demand and supply. Agility in the digital age encourages businesses to transform at an accelerated pace. What you consider as a crisis now may become an opportunity for your business tomorrow, like Etsy. Being agile means reacting to customers’ needs instantly, and virtual channels help you revamp the nature of the product.

By adopting an agile approach for customer engagement, you can fulfill the needs of millennials that consider, compare, check reviews, and then place orders. They also believe in tracking the delivery progress. Transform their buying pattern, the way they can contact you, track their order, and get a refund. Offering an exclusive experience and represent yourself as an agile organization.

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