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How Product Quality Depends on Management Decisions

A product owner blames the testers for poor product quality. The blame chain then goes from the tester to a developer and then to the manager. All are right. You pressurize one part of the puzzle, and you affect the entire workflow. In her blog article, Johanna Rothman explains how product quality depends on management decisions.

Managing Product Quality

A tester’s job is assessing product quality and report defects, but they are not assuring quality or performing quality engineering. Engineering quality is a developer’s task. Both of them need adequate time to produce deliverables that meet client demands.

When managers shrink the testing timeline, the testers cannot find crucial defects on time. By paying more attention to dates and features, you end up delivering a defective product. Pressure does not make the errors disappear. Your team did not have the time to discover them. So, the product quality depends on the manager. Here are how you can enhance the quality of the deliverables:

Decisions Aligned to Quality

  • Determine the results you want from the product lifecycle. As a manager, it is your strategy to select the project for the project portfolio. Define the ‘drivers, constraints, and floats’.
  • Do not put undue pressure on your team just because you have a management goal to fulfill. Enquire what the teammates need to get things done before the prescribed timeline.
  • If the project start date was delayed, shrink the scope and ship off small deliverables that clients can value. Forcing the team to finish all within the set timeline can be a project disaster.

Managers should decide what they want from the team, either quantity or quality. When you focus on quality, both developers and testers would strive for the same. The timeline and cost would eventually shrink once producing quality deliverables becomes a practice.

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