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Rightsizing Teams: An Agile Approach to Beat the Crisis

Teamwork is crucial to counter the emerging business threats. Though, each individual brings unique skillsets to the team to encourage innovation and agility. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Elaine Pulakos and Robert B. (Rob) Kaiser suggest tossing teamwork out of the window to achieve agility. They advise not to curtail your team but rightsize it.

Selection of the Right Team

Evaluate the teamwork required at each phase of the project. Carefully shortlist the right set of people that could contribute when needed. You may involve other team members to ease the burden of the overworked members. Rightsizing does not emphasize on shrinking the team but optimizing limited resources. Follow the footsteps of agile organizations and improve teamwork in these categories:

Clear Communication

Teamwork is more of a hand-off at the right point in time. It relies on coordination that is impossible without seamless communication. Only once you understand the project requirement, you can synchronize work.

Sustainable Growth

When two or more teams perform the same routine and coordinate work to reach a successful outcome, precision occurs. For instance, a regional sales team closes and manages its customers using the same procedure. It is the comparable performance of each team member that determines the success of the local team.

Clarity of Role

Management and independent role execution are critical for a project’s success. For example, in the critical care units, each individual performs their job to achieve a common goal.

Impartial Performance

Some projects demand interdependent performance, which is the most sophisticated form of teamwork. For instance, to launch a new product, people with diverse skills work together and resolve an existing problem. The team structure remains flexible, while each individual performs concrete steps to resolve unforeseen issues. Their independent decisions help them achieve success.

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