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Switch to Agile Retrospective to Manage Remote Workforce

The marketing team is undergoing immense pressure while working from distributed locations. They are omnipresent to meet the business requirements, but is it enough? In this article at CMSWire, Andrea Fryrear explains how the team leads could transform their perspective to deal with the remote employees.

Maximize Efficiency

Since the pandemic will continue affecting the economy for an unspecified period, find ways to transform your distributed network. Make your teams agile by initiating a retrospective procedure. Conduct frequent virtual meetings to get real-time updates on your marketing campaigns. Understand the existing gaps and switch to a more holistic approach to bridge it.

Agile retrospectives focus on the way a team works, and not the work it does. So, follow the process and bring the team together to seek inputs like how to improve your situation? Retrospectives work efficiently with a set framework to guide and conduct discussions. To do so, form four categories for documentation:

  • What do you like about the current procedure that works in the team’s favor?
  • What is missing in the process that can be effective?
  • What have you learned while working from the remote location?
  • What do you miss the most as you work from home?

Let all team members think over these questions and share their independent views.

Map Out an Agile Approach

Once you have gathered all the inputs, give another opportunity to share views, ideas, or perspectives about the situation. Let them share their understanding of the past few months. Now, identify similar answers and put them together to form a theme. The next step must converge into the most common yet crucial issues. For instance:

  • The communication gap between team members or stakeholders
  • Lack of visibility among team members
  • Problem with work prioritization
  • Delay in response time and change acceptance

An agile approach, like daily stand-ups to cover feedback loops, may help your team overcome the most common challenges. Implement agile sprints to encourage them to find and tackle regular issues and discuss them during retrospectives.

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