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Why Should Agile Organizations Embrace Digital Workplace?

Have you enabled the digital work environment in your Agile organization? The digital workplace not only improves employee efficiency but also empowers your organizations to learn and launch a digital initiative, swiftly reacting to changing market conditions and customer needs. In this article at DZone, Suresh Sambandam explains why the future of Agile will be all about embracing a digital workplace.

Why Digital Workplace and Agile Go Together?

The digital workplace characterized by digital processes and tools that enhance communication and collaboration is the prerequisite for Agile development success. The digital workforce is particularly helpful for Agile teams that work in remote locations. The future workplace is one that is more agile and responsive to change. Agile development is a core component of this.

How to Embrace Digital Workplace?

Start With a Transformation Vision

Many business leaders are unaware of the possibilities of next-generation technology. Therefore, many companies lack a transformation vision that will provide the business with the ability to measure progress and make real-time adjustments to improve outcomes.  Business leaders must create a compelling future digital vision and communicate it to their employees.

Secure Your Digital Platforms

The digital platforms have opened a host of low cost, dynamic solutions. The digital world is one of extreme connectivity and open architecture. Therefore, you must manage risks using smart tools and detect intrusions in real-time in your agile organization. Besides, the security of assets and data is also paramount for the business to thrive in today’s digital economy.

Data-Driven Visualization is a Must

Today, many Agile organizations are utilizing data-driven visualization to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users through dynamic tables, charts, plots, and statistical graphics. Data-driven visualization helps in making complex data more usable, accessible, and understandable. Further, it accelerates stakeholders’ understanding and decision-making around the technologies and assists them in identifying ways to reduce rework.

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