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Agile Leadership Guide to Evolve Post Crisis

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, virtual connectivity turned out to be a boon and a bane. It has unified businesses to help the majority of people survive the economic crisis. Nonetheless, many IT leaders continue struggling to suffice the needs of their staff. In this article at Forbes, Chuen Chuen Yeo suggests agile leadership to rise above the emerging industry challenges.

Conquer the Unexpected Disruptors

Many people have expectations from the post-pandemic phase. However, to turn the future in your favor, adapt the agile mindset and principles now. Start using a business survival guidebook while building it. Keep your project teams organized and motivated for future endeavors. Here is the key to it:

Be a Storyteller

Instead of drafting a lengthy book of business vision, narrate your ideas to the team. The art of storytelling is a classic approach to evoke inspiration. Choose a story that answers what, when, how, and why of the post-pandemic world. Make sure it inspires your team to be an active part of your imagination.

Embrace Uncertainty

Convey the impact of transformations and improvements to the team. Indeed, the road ahead is full of uncertainties, but your vision can lead them in the right direction. Be agile in developing a refined work culture that allows everyone to speak their mind. Let each play their part in the journey of transformation.

Revive to Keep it Alive

Vision is like a ball that will bounce only when you pump new stories in it. Assumptions can deflate it without a needle. Many leaders assume that their team is well-versed with their vision, but you must revive it often to keep that vision alive.

Agile leadership is a tool that can fix worries about an economic slowdown. Your ability as an IT leader is to pursue a successful future that lifts your organization higher than the rest.

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